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Boiling Point: this nailbiting kitchen drama is British TV at its finest

A brilliant script, a phenomenal cast and some absolutely beautiful filming – this hugely stressful series is one of the best things on television this year

If you watched the film Boiling Point, well – sorry to bring it up. You’re probably still feeling the anxiety of that one, aren’t you? Did your heart start fluttering again? All right, deep breath, deep breath. You OK? Right, so if you saw that film, you’ll know it was notable for three reasons: one, that dizzying logistical feat of the single camera single take, a perfect choreography of acting and directing; two, that it was incredibly stressful throughout, a hyper-realistic portrayal of how the most normal night in the kitchen of a high-standards restaurant can make or break people in 90 minutes flat; and three, an astounding central performance from Stephen Graham, because he’s incapable of doing anything otherwise. A wonderful film and a brilliant achievement and one that I am in no personal rush to watch again.

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