Hester Ruoff

Hester Ruoff is a BAFTA and BIFA nominated producer who founded Ascendant Fox films with Bart Ruspoli in 2021.

Prior to Ascendant Fox, Ruoff has been involved in a number of projects. She was Lead Producer for the BAFTA-winning film “Convenience,” and produced thought-provoking short film “Gerry,” which earned numerous festival awards and secured a place on the BAFTA long-list in 2018.

In 2019 Hester embarked on the production of “Spanish Pigeon” collaborating with director Philip Barantini for the first time, which was followed by the 2020 action crime drama Villain. In 2021 “Boiling Point” released to worldwide acclaim, earning numerous nominations and awards from the BAFTAs and BIFAs among other internationally renowned film festivals.